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My Fireblade has been pretty reliable but over the years there has been some issues.

The loom has earth  commoning blocks in it  - 2 places. These corroded and gave me various  problems. Once I figured out the problem, I removed the blocks and soldered all the wires together and re taped up. 
My power commander failed needing me to require recovery on the M40. Not Honda's fault but I didn't know till later.

The worst problem has been the alternators. Three have failed. The first 2 were genuine ones, the third a pattern one - all burnt out after various mileages but the last one after 10K miles. I do ride with the headlight on and in winter have heated grips and sometimes a heated waistcoat but the current drawn is still well within the spec of the alternator. The problem is that you don't know when the alternator has gone until the battery goes flat and the bike fails to start - which is no fun if you are miles from home on a dark winters night.

So, when it failed the last time, I'd had enough. I fitted a voltage monitor so I can check the battery condition and see if it's charging when the bike's running. The biggest change though is that I ditched the standard shunt voltage regulator and fitted a series regulator. Shunt regulators work by shorting out the windings of the alternator to maintain the correct output. I think this is too brutal for this bike as the alternator is too fragile in my opinion. The 954 blade has a different alternator even though the engine is almost identical - did Honda realise there was an issue? Anyway, I fitted a series regulator that some manufacturers are now fitting to modern bikes and that is much kinder to the alternator. They are more expensive but if it solves the problem great. Time will tell. Twitter: @Bladeowner
Original Regulator
New Series Regulator
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